Eric and his brother Aaron built the "Corbin Beach Shop" located in Eastern Puerto Rico. A one-stop-shop for tourists and locals traveling to the beautiful islands of Vieques and Culebra.

Renting everything from surf boards to motor bikes, Corbin Beach Shop also offered beach clothing, accessories, souvenirs and even a smoothie bar.

While inspired by the flavors and ingredients Eric experienced in the Caribbean, his love for hot sauce led him to his next idea...


After months of experimenting with different ingredients and methods, Eric leased a small commercial kitchen to produce and bottle a Caribbean - inspired hot pepper sauce.

Naturally fermented with sea-salt and blended with only fresh ingredients, Mezclado Pepper Sauce was born...


Mezclado Pepper Sauce was launched at local farmers markets and food events in the Pittsburgh area.


Mezclado Pepper Sauce expanded to several more markets and was also featured at local food festivals. 

Not only was demand growing for the Original sauce, Eric saw an opportunity to expand the product line into new flavors. Red Habanero and Green Habanero with Lime.

2022 - 2023

In addition to using Caribbean-sourced peppers, Mezclado exclusively uses a barrel-aged, pineapple vinegar in its sauces...

Mezclado Pepper Sauce continues to source it's heirloom Aji Dulce (sweet pepper) seeds directly from Trujillo, Puerto Rico. 

​New stores, new events and new flavors are just a few things ahead!